Pomegranate & Rose Powder Clay Mask – Dry / Mature Skin

$15.00 GST Inc.

Pomegranate & Rose Powder Clay Mask – Dry / Mature Skin

$15.00 GST Inc.

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This little vial will give you 4-5  masks for dry  and/or mature skin.

Hero ingredients:


Australian Yellow Clay

  • gentliest of clays
  • gentle cleanser & exfoliant
  • ideal for drawing out toxins and imperfections
  • leaves skin soft, deeply hydrated for smooth and radiant skin

Pomegranate Powder :

  • rich in vitamin C
  • rich in proanthocyanidins & flavonoid antioxidants- these delay signs of aging (wrinkles), aids cellular regeneration & neutralises effect of free radicals

Rose Petal Powder Clay

  • great skin toner
  • regulates skin sebum by locking in moisture
  • rich in vitamin C
  • antibacterial and instringent
  • anti-inflammatory
  • fades blemishes
  • aids in collagen production and skin regeneration

Organic Marshmallow Root Powder

  • mild inflammatory effect
  • Contains mucilage polysaccharides that possess healing , moisturising & soothing properties

Aloe Vera :

  • contains hormones  that treat acne
  • fights aging
  • wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties
  • soothing
  • contains over 75 different nutrients for your skin

mix one tablespoon with water or pure natural yoghurt for a luxury hydrating mask.  Yoghurt is high in lactic acid. Keep on for about 10 mins.  Gently  wash off and moisturise. avoid eye and mouth discontinue if reaction occurs

Vegan friendly


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