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Here are some FAQ’s :

Q: How “Tasmanian” are you?

A: Naturally Millie Ma is completely 100% Tasmanian and has been since 2008 ( under the previous name of Millie’s Maa Soaps). Everything is made in Cambridge and as much Tasmanian content is incorporated into the products as possibly available.

Q: Are you a new business?

A: No, Naturally Millie Ma used to be known as Millie’s Maa Soaps until the end of 2015. We went ‘back to nature’ and got rid of all unnatural colours, fragrances and simplified the products to become as much Tasmanian content as possible.

Q: Are all  your  ingredients that are natural?

A: 99.9% of the ingredients are natural , with no synthetic fragrances or colours in our products. Our main ingredient is cold pressed Tasmanian Olive Oil – the highest quality of olive oil.  The only ‘unnatural’ ingredient is part of the preservative for liquid soap, as this is a must to safely prevent bacteria and mould to develop. It is only approx 0.05% in the total content. The gold mica ( colour) in the Royal Aphrodite has got gold natural mica through it, plus tiny bit of oxide/whitener.  All soap colours are completely natural and are sourced from highly reputable sources.

Q: Are you NICNAS registered ?

A: We certainly are – search under Rowena and you will find me.

Q: Are all your soap handmade?

A: Yes they are by the old fashioned way – the cold process method. This way, all the natural oils and glycerine remain in the soap. No phosphates, PEG’s,  surfactants are in any of the soaps.

Q: Do you test on animals?

A: Certainly not,  never have and never will. Why would we, all ingredients are natural and you can even pronounce them!

Q: Do you use palm oil?

A: All soaps are 100% palm free.

Q: Are your products okay for sensitive skin?

A: It is always vital to read the ingredients on all products and do a skin allergy test if concerned. But generally, the majority of products are safe for sensitive skin as no synthetic fragrances or colours are added. If worried, please ask Rowena.

Q:  Can I pick up my order from the Salamanca Stall?

A: Yes you can, with prior arrangements. This is very easiest to arrange. We are located at stall 277 – outside the Salamanca Arts Centre in the middle lane overlooking the wharf.

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