Naturally Millie Ma

Naturally Millie Ma

Beautiful products you can believe in

Naturally Millie Ma is a Tasmanian artisan soap house nestled in the countryside in the pure natural state of Tasmania. We have access to the best raw ingredients in the world because they are grown and extracted for use with great care in optimal cold climate conditions. Synthetic ingredients and inferior, cheaper oils are unwelcome and unnecessary alternatives when premium quality Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil is right on our doorstep.

Combine this special base oil with the best of other Tasmanian raw materials like fresh goat and dairy yoghurts, wild crafted honey, native Pepperberries, Wellington Spring water and Coal River Valley Walnut shells and we’ve got a rockstar artist’s palette to work from. With no palm oil, pre-made bases, SLS, sulphates or phosphates, we are free to be quality driven in every way.

 The final ingredient in the Naturally Millie Ma world is the love with which we have developed each original recipe and the care we take in making each product for market.

 Welcome to beautiful body products you can believe in.

Tasmanian Olive Oil

Due to optimal cool climate and soil conditions, Tasmanian extra virgin olive oil is at ‘world best’ quality. Olive oil has a centuries old reputation for supporting the body’s natural beauty. It has been rediscovered in modern times as a highly nourishing skin oil – it’s high in antioxidants such as vitamin E, polyphenols and phytosterols making it a natural anti-ager and with a moderately low comedogenic rating, it won’t clog pores. It has a high concentration of “squalene”, a natural organic compound that is also found in the human body, particularly newborn babies. The olive oil used in our products is pesticide free – the olive grove it comes from is maintained without the use of harsh chemicals and fertilised by grazing sheep.

Luxury Soaps

Our olive oil soaps are made in the old school cold processed way and are the multi-sensorial experience discerning enthusiasts of natural products are searching for. No synthetic colours or fragrances are present, making the soaps 100% natural. Full of extra virgin olive oil, moisturising butters and local spring water, with no palm oil in sight, our soaps are intensely moisturising and silky smooth in texture. Handcrafted to be eye catching, our extensive range includes unscented bars through to gently and richly scented options using already popular natural essential oils as well as lesser known luxury ingredients in the form of plant extracts.

Meet the Maker at Salamanca Market

Are you interested in experiencing the products for yourself? We would love to meet you and introduce you to them!

Find us at the iconic Salamanca Markets in Hobart, held weekly every Saturday from 8.30am to 3pm. This vibrant market brings Hobart’s waterfront alive with the colours, sounds and smells of Tasmania and is a favourite with locals and visitors alike.

Naturally Millie Ma is at permanent site number 277, at the silo end